Review of Previous Management Plan

The Trust has completed its review of the Wellington Park Management Plan 2005. The review was an opportunity to consider existing policies and management actions, and to achieve the best balance to protect the values of the Park.

Why have the review?

The review was a requirement of the Wellington Park Management Plan 2005. The review was a ‘major’ review and revision, as opposed to the ‘minor’ review of the earlier 1997 plan.

The review provided the opportunity to evaluate the Trust’s success in implementing the 2005 Management Plan, and to consider the future direction of management in the Park. While the purposes of reservation contained in the Act do not change, the Trust is interested in the community’s perspective on the Park’s natural and cultural values, and how these values are best managed to achieve the long-term protection and use of the Park.

Since 1993 (when the Park was reserved) the Trust has built a substantial knowledge base surrounding management needs and issues, and visitor expectations, however the review allowed an open and transparent look at how the Park is being managed, and what the expectation of the community is for the protection of Park values and the delivery of visitor services and facilities.

The review process

The review consisted of three stages, each involving community engagement and consultation.

Stage 1: Issues Identification and Preliminary Analysis

As a first step in a broader public engagement process, the Trust called for submissions on what the community considers to be the key values of the Park, and how these values should be balanced and managed. This information added to previous surveys and data gathered by the Trust. The submissions were used to inform an Issues Discussion Paper (see below), along with a Social Values Survey carried out by the Trust. This survey resulted in over 400 submissions and largely related to the social and heritage value of the Park, however also contained substantial information on how the community wants the Park to be used and managed.

Stage 2: Issues Discussion and Analysis

This stage involved extensive engagement and discussion with the community and Park stakeholders in the proposed future management of the Park, based upon the issues identified in Stage 1. It included further research and investigation into the issues identified by the community and by the Trust itself. The Trust also received reports from independent expert bodies on both its broader planning framework and specific issues e.g. the management and availability of use and development within the Park.

The Trust released an Issues Discussion Paper in late 2011. The Issues Paper integrated the various issues and investigations undertaken so far, to ensure that future management maintains a regional and integrated approach, as required by the Act. The Trust received 163 submissions from individuals, community groups and management agencies.

Stage 3: Draft Management Plan

This stage involved the review of issues raised by the community in response to the release of the draft Management Plan (released 27 August – 28 October 2012). The Trust received 264 representations from individuals, community groups and stakeholder agencies.

The Trust submitted a report to the Tasmanian Planning Commission (the Commission) outlining the Trust’s proposed response to issues raised in community and agency representations on the draft Wellington Park Management Plan 2012. The report is submitted pursuant to s 24A of the Wellington Park Act 1993. The report runs to 165 pages, and discusses the key issues identified in each representation. The report, along with all representations made to the Trust, is available on the Commission’s website.

The Tasmanian Planning Commission, then carried out its own review of the representations and the Trust’s proposed response. The Commission’s processes are outlined on their website.

The Commission provided a report on its review to the Trust which included 12 recommendations. The Trust made further minor amendments to the Plan to address the Commission’s recommendations and finalise the Plan. The Wellington Park Management Plan 2013 was approved by the Governor on 13 December 2013.