The Springs

For years, the Springs has been a popular gathering place – it’s a social hub for picnics, barbeques and snow play, or to meet before beginning a walk or mountain bike ride. Plans are in place to ensure the protection of these and other values, while also improving visitor facilities.

The Springs Specific Area Masterplan

The Springs Specific Area Masterplan will soon be revised to allow for new development opportunities. The revised Masterplan will identify the key values of The Springs and essential principles for development. Siting of structures, roads and car parks, paths, landscaping and previous conservation and heritage planning will be covered.

Initial Conservation Policy

The Trust has endorsed the Springs Initial Conservation Policy (ICP) for the Springs Zone. The ICP was released for public review and comment in March 2007, and includes the policies previously prepared for the Former Exhibition Gardens Conservation Management Plan (CMP), located within the Springs Zone.

The aim of the ICP is to guide conservation and management of the historic heritage values of The Springs area in the short term until a more comprehensive conservation management plan can be prepared. Nine over-arching conservation policies are included and these relate to the broader protection and management of the area’s historical, social, archaeological, aesthetic and landscape values and its natural setting. The policies recognise and respect the long historical use of The Springs for outdoor recreation, as a source of drinking water supply and, to a lesser extent, for scientific work and nature appreciation.

The ICP provides scope for new facilities but suggests limits to the location and nature of developments, ensuring they are appropriate to the historical significance of The Springs.

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