Regulations Awareness Program

Wellington Park will only be beautiful tomorrow if we protect it today. Some visitors persist with unsavoury behaviour that threatens the health of the Park and safety and experience for others. But the RAP will stop that!

The Regulations Awareness Programme (RAP) is a planned approach to promote Park values and permitted activities.

The RAP is based upon the implementation of the Wellington Park Regulations 2019, and provides a mechanism for the care, control and management of the Park. The RAP is co–ordinated by the Wellington Park Ranger in co–operation with staff from the various Trust member agencies and Tasmania Police.

Essentially, the role of the Ranger is to raise awareness of Park issues by connecting with visitors, neighbours, local communities and other stakeholders. Pro–active education is also undertaken with owners of land adjoining the Park, and with other stakeholders. The Ranger also co–ordinates and monitors the activities of employees of Trust member agencies who have been appointed as Authorised Officers.

Contact the Ranger for more information on the RAP, or to report unlawful activities in the Park.