Ranger’s wrap

The Ranger dishes out some PUNishment while patrolling on the snowy weekend


Ranger Ben with the snowman offender

During the weekend snowplay mayhem I came across this user who thought he was a bit too cool for school.
I observed him in possession of vegetation evidently taken within Wellington Park.
When I approached to discuss the matter I got a very cool reception.
There followed a very frosty conversation with plenty of icy stares.
He came up with all sorts of excuses – but I know a snow job when I see one.
He didn’t seem to want to listen to my explanation of the regs and the values. He just froze up.
I tried a slightly warmer, less confrontational tone, but he continued to give me the cold shoulder.
Eventually I managed to break the ice and I think I got through to him.
To show him the Ranger has a human side, I ended the discussion with a hand shake – and he just fell apart.
Just goes to show that with a bit of compassion and time spent, conflict just melts away.

Signing off,
Ranger Ben

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