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The dog and the mountain


Dog walking

Wellington Park is unique. It’s a bit special… which is why it is not managed as a National Park, but has its own rules instead. One of the marvellous things about its uniqueness and non National Park-ness is that you can bring your dog along. Well, mostly anyway. It’s complicated. I hope this article makes it a bit clearer.

Where can I take my dog at The Springs?

The Wellington Park dog information sheet explains everything about where you can and can’t take your canine companions on kunanyi / Mount Wellington.

The trickiest spot is probably The Springs. Here, dogs must be kept in your vehicle unless you’re taking them for a walk along one of the permitted tracks. If you’re planning to stay for a picnic or bbq, consider leaving the dogs at home, unless you can keep them safe and happy in your vehicle. You can’t let them go for a run because it’s a popular picnic area and unfortunately not everyone appreciates dogs on the loose. Look at our Springs Site Cultural Heritage Map and you’ll see why it’s such a popular place to visit.

The dog map is pretty small-scaled. The enlargement below will hopefully illustrate the information more clearly.

dogs at springs map enlargement

The law and the Mountain

There’s a set of rules (the ‘Regs’) designed to protect the specialness or ‘values’ of kunanyi / Mount Wellington so we can enjoy today and our grandchildren can enjoy tomorrow what others enjoyed yesterday.
Specialness is hard to define fully, because each person has his or her own idea of why something is special. For some, it is the living things like the plants and animals that make the place special. For others, it is more about the non-living things like the rocks or the waterfalls. Many people just say they value “the place” – how it feels to be there, or the memories that being there brings back. Lots of people just love the view from top, or the view from the bottom looking back up to the top. Some people don’t even visit, but they depend on the clean water the catchments provide. And of course plenty of folk value being able to share a walk with their dog on one of the many tracks.
All these places, things, activities and ideas, are valued in different ways to different degrees by Mountain visitors. The Regs are there to help protect it all. And us all.

Thanks in advance for your understanding. If you need anything cleared up please get in touch.

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