Ranger’s wrap

Can you help to protect our park?

Dog walking

The dog and the mountain


Wellington Park is unique. It’s a bit special… which is why it is not managed as a National Park, but has its own rules instead. One of the marvellous things about its uniqueness and non National Park-ness is that you can bring your dog along. Well, mostly anyway. It’s complicated. I hope this article makes it a bit clearer.

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First Ranger’s Wrap from Ranger Ben


Hail, walkers, riders, visitors, neighbours and all friends of Wellington Park, past, present and future! This is the first Ranger’s Wrap for many moons and my first as the ‘new’ Ranger while Lydia Marino is on leave. It is high time I introduced myself – briefly I promise – and for an update on what’s happening in the Park as well as what’s on the horizon.

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