Permits, licences and approvals

To reduce impacts and protect the special values of Wellington Park, some activities require a permit, licence or other approval.


Some activities in Wellington Park are prohibited by the Wellington Park Regulations 2019, except if authorised to do so by a permit issued by the Trust.   

Activities that may require a permit under the Regulations include:

Applications for permits are subject to a fee as set out in Schedule 1 of the Wellington Park Regulations.  For the 2022-23 financial year the application fee is $170.

The Trust may waive the permit application fee.  Usually fees will only be waived for activities which that Trust considers will assist with the management of the Park.


Some activities in the Park require the prior approval of the Trust in accordance with the Wellington Park Management Plan.  

Depending on the proposed activity you may also require a permit under the Wellington Park Regulations 2019, for example, filming from a drone for commercial purposes or vehicle access to a fire trail.


 If you want to operate a business in Wellington Park, for example tours or other activities for tourists, you will need to obtain a Commercial Operator's Licence from the Trust.  Before starting your business in the Park please contact the Manager for information on how to obtain a licence.  If you are also intending to operate your business in reserves controlled by the Tasmania Park and Wildlife Service you can obtain a single licence that also includes Wellington Park from the Parks and Wildlife Service Property Services Unit