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Orange Hawkweed Control Program launched


orange hawkweed alert

Parks and Bushlands Alert

The City of Hobart is asking everyone who visits kunanyi / Mt Wellington over the next month to keep their eyes peeled for the beautiful but environmentally harmful orange hawkweed in a bid to keep the highly invasive alpine weed out of Wellington Park.

Orange hawkweed is a serious environmental invader. It outcompetes native species and can take over cooler sub-alpine and alpine areas. 

If members of the public or tourism operators think they have seen the weed on the mountain’s walking and bike riding tracks it is very important they report their sighting as soon as possible.

It is also important not to disturb the plant, as this may spread it further.

How to report sightings

Orange hawkweed has bright, daisy-like orange-red flowers that make it clearly identifiable when in flower. It has hairy stems and leaves, and closely resembles the common lawn weeds dandelion and hawkbit.

The City of Hobart's fact sheet will help you identify it.

People can upload photos of suspicious plants to the City of Hobart’s new orange hawkweed reporting page: The page also allows people to pin the location of their find to an online map. 
Prompt treatment of known populations of orange hawkweed has limited its spread and the weed is still present in small enough numbers to make eradication possible.

If you would like further information about the City of Hobart's orange hawkweed control program please visit our website or email the Bushland Unit.



orange hawkweed identification

Download the City of Hobart Orange Hawkweek Fact Sheet .pdf

Over the past three years the City of Hobart has worked with the Fern Tree community to find and eliminate orange hawkweed from gardens and nearby bushland, but this year is expanding efforts higher up kunanyi/Mt Wellington. 

Orange hawkweed control program

Hobart’s spring rains have created ideal conditions for orange hawkweed to flourish and flower, so if plants have been missed in previous annual surveys, this summer is the time to find them.

Banner photo: Orange hawkweed, Joshua Mayer | Flickr | CC BY-2.0

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