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Pinnacle Road guard rail replacement under way above The Springs


guard rails to be replaced

The City of Hobart is starting this week to replace the guard rails along Pinnacle Rd, to bring it up to Australian safety standards.
In stage 1, new galvanised guard rails will be installed along 1.5kms of road above The Springs. Work will take about 5-6 weeks, weather and road access permitting. For the safety of all road users as well as workers, traffic will be reduced to one lane past the work site, which will move progressively along the route. Lane closures will be under traffic light control, with delays of between two and five minutes to be expected under normal traffic conditions.
The existing posts and ropes have been there since the road was built as a state government project in response to the high unemployment caused by the Great Depression. It took 2.5 years to build, at a cost of £26,000, and opened in January 1937. The old posts and ropes will be carefully removed so we can re-use them in another project.
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