Media approvals

Approval is required for any commercial filming or photography undertaken within the Park.

Commercial filming includes:

  • Advertisements;
  • Feature Filming (cinema, video and TV);
  • Documentaries and Tourism Promotions;
  • Educational and Government Sponsored Filming; and
  • Stills Photography for advertising purposes.

News of the day (electronic and print) and current affairs are considered outside this definition and do not require approval, a permit or the payment of fees. Organisations in this media role are encouraged to comply with the Trust’s commercial filming objective:

To ensure commercial filming in Wellington Park assists, where possible, in promoting community awareness, understanding and support for natural, cultural and heritage conservation and management, and is carried out in a manner that does not compromise conservation and other management objectives.

Please read the Media Approval Application Guidelines prior to completing the Approval Application.

For more information contact the Manager.