Wellington Park Management Plan

Wellington Park is highly valued and co–operatively managed by land owners, management agencies and the community. The Wellington Park Management Plan 2013 informs decisions to ensure the natural and cultural elements of the Park are preserved and enhanced.

Wellington Park Management Plan 2013

The Wellington Park Management Plan 2013 came into effect on 1 January 2014. An extension of the boundary of the Pinnacle Specific Area was approved by Her Excellency the Governor on 26 October 2015 and is effective from 11 November 2015.

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As the overarching management document for the Park, the Wellington Park Management Plan 2013 provides background to a range of topics related to Park management. The plan contains management objectives, policies and actions that further the purposes for which the Park is reserved under the Wellington Park Act 1993, namely:

  • (a) the provision of recreational and tourism uses and opportunities consistent with the purposes specified in paragraphs (b) to (e);
  • (b) the preservation or protection of the fauna or flora contained in or on the land;
  • (c) the preservation or protection of the natural beauty of the land or of any features of the land of natural beauty or scenic interest;
  • (d) the preservation or protection of any features of the land being features of historical, Aboriginal, archaeological, scientific, architectural or geomorphological interest;
  • (e) the protection of the water catchment values of the land.

The Management Plan is in seven parts:

  • Part 1 sets out the Plan framework including a description of its origins and structure, and a summary of the 5-year review process;
  • Part 2 defines the values and significance of the Park, sets out the goals and objectives for management and designates zoning;
  • Part 3 discuses the threats and pressures on Park values, including water supply, and the policies and actions for maintaining those values;
  • Part 4 includes policies and actions relating to visitor services and facilities including development standards and approval processes,
  • Part 5 details the management of visitor access as well as interpretation and education;
  • Part 6 discusses the adaptive management approach adopted for the Park, and the monitoring and evaluation proceedures required to implement it; and
  • Part 7 details objectives and recommendations for administration, including organisational structure and management procedures necessary to effectively manage the Park.

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