Sightseeing and facilities

Get close to the weather at kunanyi / Mount Wellington’s airy Pinnacle. Some days you can see far and wide, across the Tasman Sea and into the wild South West National Park, World Heritage Area. On other days, you cannot see your shoes!

Snow on kunanyi / Mount WellingtonMountain biking on kunanyi / Mount WellingtonPinnacle view

Many visitors journey up Pinnacle Road to the lookout, also taking in other sites along the way including the Springs and Chalet. From the Springs, the walk to Sphinx Rock is a great opportunity to stretch your legs with rewarding views of the mountain’s Organ Pipes, and Hobart and the Derwent River below.

See the how to get there pages for directions to the Pinnacle and other great locations in the Park.


Don’t forget to pack warm clothes as it is likely to be at least 8°C colder on the top of the mountain than in Hobart – plus the wind chill factor!

The remote control of the locking system in some vehicles is affected at the summit by the FM radio and television transmission signals from nearby towers. Learn how to manage electronic disturbance at the Pinnacle. There is no health risk to humans and animals from the transmissions – but it can be annoying if you cannot start your vehicle!

There are gas fired BBQs at The Springs, the Chalet and Fern Tree but pack your lunch or a BBQ if visiting other parts of the Park. From a grassy glade to a sheltered stone cabin, there’s a range of locations as detailed below. At some locations visitors can enjoy an open fire in designated fire places (except during total fire bans). Fire wood is sometimes provided, but to be certain bring your own as collecting firewood in the Park is not permitted.

Toilets are available at the Fern Tree Park, the Springs, the Pinnacle and Myrtle Forest.

Water is usually available at Fern Tree Park, the Springs, Myrtle Forest and the Chalet, however it is not tested and is not recommended for drinking.

Disabled access and toilet facilities are available at the Pinnacle and The Springs. Access is also available at Myrtle Forest. Assisted access is required at Fern Tree Park and Fern Tree Bower.

The Waterworks Reserve and Tolosa Park (on the fringe of Wellington Park) offer some disabled facilities. Bookings are required for these sites through the Hobart City Council (for Waterworks Reserve) or the Glenorchy City Council (for Tolosa Park).

Fern Tree Park

A lush and sheltered grassy area, complete with toilets, playground, picnic areas and gas-fired BBQs. Fern Tree Park is also one of the main entry points to Wellington Park. To get there by car, take Davey Street (A6) westwards out of Hobart towards Fern Tree. Keeping in the right lane, continue straight ahead towards Fern Tree on to Huon Road (B64). Do not turn left into the Southern Outlet at this point. Continue up the Huon Road (B64) towards Fern Tree and Mount Wellington. Parking is available in Stephenson Place, or along Huon Road.

Fern Tree Bower

An historic picnic area surrounded by ancient tree ferns and mountain rivulets, and a short walk from the beautiful Silver Falls. Access to the Bower may be made on foot from Fern Tree Park, a level walk along the historic Pipeline Track, or closer parking may be found at Clegg Road, approximately 500m past Stephensons Place (refer to Fern Tree Park above).

The Springs

A mid-altitude (720m) and level picnic area, with links to key walking tracks on the eastern foothills of Mount Wellington. The Springs is sheltered from the roaring south westerly winds experienced at the Pinnacle, and has several low key formal and informal picnic areas. To reach Mount Wellington and the Springs, turn right into the C616 (Pinnacle Road) just before the township of Fern Tree (refer to Fern Tree Park above), and continue for approx. 3.5km from Fern Tree.

The Chalet

A shelter amongst the snow gums and waratahs, the open fire of the Chalet often provides respite from the rain and cold. The Chalet is accessed from Pinnacle Road, approximately 3km beyond the Springs (refer to The Springs for access details). Basic facilities are provided including picnic tables and benches and a new gas BBQ.

The Pinnacle

At the summit of kunanyi / Mount Wellington (1270m), the Pinnacle has great views and extremes of weather! Lookouts and observation decks provide vistas over Hobart and towards the east coast, and to the west over the World Heritage Area of southern Tasmania. The Pinnacle is a further 6km from the Springs (refer to The Springs for access details). Parking and toilet facilities are available.

Myrtle Forest

The Myrtle Forest picnic area is a hidden gem amongst the ferns and myrtles of Collinsvale, and is the starting point for day walks to Collins Cap and ‘Sleeping Beauty’. The picnic area in now a short walk from the car park, and provides low key day use facilities, including toilets. For visitors with special access needs, contact the Parks and Wildlife Service Southern Region Office (corner of Tolosa St and Murrayfield Ct, Glenorchy) on 6165 4053. To reach Myrtle Forest, take Highway 1 (Brooker Highway) northwards out of Hobart to Chigwell. Follow the C615 (Berriedale Road and then Glen Lusk Road) to Collinsvale, and follow the signs to the Myrtle Forest picnic area.

Waterworks Reserve

The Waterworks Reserve is linked to Wellington Park via the Pipeline Track, a beautiful graded track that encompasses many remnants from Hobart’s historic water supply system. The Reserve contains all picnic and recreation facilities, and has great shelters and picnic areas. Sites can be reserved through the Hobart City Council on 6238 2886. To access the Reserve, take the B64 out of Hobart, then turn left into Lynton Avenue at the first roundabout, and then right into Waterworks Road. The Reserve is open from 8am to 9pm in summer (4pm in Winter) however parking is also available outside the gates.

Tolosa Park

Tolosa Park is the main entry point to Wellington Park in the Glenorchy area, and is also the entry point to the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park. Tolosa Park has many BBQ sites and full picnic facilities set among the natural surrounds of the water supply reservoirs and play areas for children. Sites can be reserved through the Glenorchy City Council on 6216 6800 . Tolosa Park is located at the western end of Tolosa Street, which is accessed via Eady Street from Main Road, Glenorchy.