Horse riding

For well prepared and experienced horse riders, Wellington Park offers excellent scenic and remote riding opportunities.

Horse riding within Wellington Park

Horses may be ridden on over 75km of fire trails, however a permit and gate key are required for all riding access (apart from Jefferys Track). Four wheel drive vehicles, mountain bikes and walkers may also be enjoying these shared use trails.

Riders can plan their adventures using Greater Hobart Trails, a convenient and powerful activity planner. The site includes tracks and trail both within and beyond the Park, for walkers, bikers and horse riders.

Greater Hobart Trails

Track surfaces and trail lengths vary considerably. Some include steep and stony sections and should only be attempted with fit, sound horses. Generally trails are suitable for walking or trotting, with limited cantering. Many trails extend into the remote high country and riders must be equipped for severe alpine weather.

The Horse Riding Information Sheet, compiled cooperatively with local riders, details the range of trails available, preparation guidelines for your trip and minimal impact tips.

Reduce your impacts when riding in the Park by:

  • Ensuring floats are parked where they will not obstruct access;
  • Cleaning floats, horse hooves, coats etc to reduce the spread of weed seed and soil borne diseases;
  • Riding on designated trails only;
  • Respecting other Park users (slow to a walk or stop when approaching others);
  • Riding in a controlled manner;
  • Riding in small groups (up to four horses only);
  • Riding in single file when in a group;
  • Ensuring your horse does not graze in the Park;
  • Limiting crossing of waterways and limiting your horse’s access to water bodies;
  • Leaving gates as you find them or as signposted;
  • Avoiding disturbing stock on Park neighbours’ properties;
  • Obeying track closures and other signage;
  • Taking all rubbish out with you; and
  • Removing horse droppings where possible.

Short or long term permits are obtainable from the Seven Mile Beach Field Centre of the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (phone 03 6107 9208). Access is subject to track conditions, fire risks and permission from property owners adjacent to the Park. Note, all permits are suspended during periods of Extreme and/or Catastrophic bush fire danger, as declared by the Tasmania Fire Service.

Horse riding in Wellington Park without authorisation may result in a penalty up to 20 penalty units (1 penalty unit = $173 as at 1/7/21), and denial of future access permits.