Event/group activity permits

To protect Park values and visitor experiences certain events and group activities in the Park require a permit.

Group activities in the Park

Wellington Park is a popular venue for events and group activities. These are allowed in all the Management Zones in the Park and range from major sporting events with large numbers of participants to smaller scale sporting, cultural and social events, organised privately or with the support of the Trust or the various Park management agencies. The Trust needs to ensure that group activities held in the Park are run safely and with minimal disruption to other Park users.

Do I need a permit for my event/group activity?

The Trust, in accordance with Regulation 26(1) of the Wellington Park Regulations 2019, has determined that any events or group activities in Wellington Park held by organisations or individuals, and which will be advertised and open to the public, must not be carried out in Wellington Park except as authorised by a permit. However, the following events and group activities do not require a permit unless they involve an activity prohibited under another part of the Wellington Park Regulations 2019:

  • Events organised by an agency represented on the Trust, including Hobart City Council, Glenorchy City Council and the Parks and Wildlife Service.
  • Events organised by a commercial operator who holds a valid licence issued under section 31 of the Wellington Park Act 1993.
  • Events and group activities where attendance is by invitation only (e.g. weddings).
  • Events for mountain bike riders that are wholly confined to the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park as shown on Map 2c of the Wellington Park Management Plan 2013.

How do I apply for an event permit?

If your proposed event/group activity requires a permit please download the event/group activity application form and send it to the Trust at info@wellingtonpark.org.au.

Once received your application for a permit will be be assessed in accordance with the Event Application and Approval Procedures.

Note that a permit application fee may apply. You will be advised of the applicable fee and any other approval requirements when you have lodged your application.

What other approvals may be required?

Special events are allowable activities in all the management zones in the Park and do not require a permit from the local planning authority under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 unless there is associated new infrastructure or the scale of use is such that it triggers a development application. All public events require the consent of the relevant Park management agency. Works associated with an event will require a Park Activity Assessment if the checklist in Appendix 3B of the Wellington Park Management Plan indicates that the event may have an adverse impact on Park values.

If your event is being run for a profit you may also need to obtain a commercial operators licence under section 31 of the Wellington Park Act 1993. Please contact the Manager for information on how to apply for a licence.

For inquiries regarding organisation of events and group activities in the Park please contact the Manager.