Fire Management Strategy

Bushfires are a natural aspect of the Australian bush. As an integral part of ecological processes, fire cannot be excluded from Wellington Park. Vegetation can, however, be managed to reduce the risk of fire in certain areas to protect life and property, and conservation and heritage values.

The Wellington Park Fire Management Strategy 2006 aims to develop consistent policies and operational procedures to minimise the threats posed by bushfires. These threats jeopardise life and property, ecological diversity and sustainability of natural systems. The Strategy also aims to involve the community in fire management within the Park and on adjoining land.

Based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the Strategy contains background information on biology, fire history and assets within the Park. Community groups, Park visitors and stakeholder agencies including the Tasmania Fire Service, Landcare and nature conservation groups were consulted during the compilation of the Strategy.

The Trust Manager liaises with stakeholders to ensure actions are implemented in accordance with the Strategy and the Wellington Park Management Plan.

For more information on fire management in Wellington Park contact the Manager.

You can also obtain further information on recently completed and planned bushfire management.