Four wheel driving

Wellington Park provides opportunities for the adventurous four wheel driver featuring spectacular alpine scenery and technical driving. Like many good things it’s generally a summer feat and permits are required.


Access to most four wheel driving routes in the Park is restricted to the summer months when the trails are drier and less prone to erosion.

Jefferys Track runs north – south between Lachlan (in the Derwent Valley) and Crabtree (in the Huon Valley). The Track can get extremely muddy and a high clearance vehicle with low range as well as off-road driving experience is recommended. Cyclists, horse riders and walkers also use this shared track. Please slow to their speed when passing. Permits are not required on Jefferys Track.

The East West Trail provides technical driving in high and remote country. Access is one-way only, from Montrose Road in the East to Jefferys Track in the West. Drivers should have extensive experience and suitable vehicles with generous clearance. Note that dogs must not be taken with you, even in the vehicle, through this part of the Park.

A permit and gate key can be requested through the Southern Region Office of the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (phone 03 6165 4053). Permits are generally for short term access during drier periods only. All 4WD access is subject to track conditions, fire risks and permission from property owners adjacent to the Park.

Further guidelines and locations for responsible four wheel driving are contained in the Cruising without Bruising brochure, produced in conjunction with 4WD Tasmania.

Other recreational vehicles including trail and quad bikes are not permitted in the Park due to environmental and social impacts, and visitor safety. Riders of these vehicles should refer to the Ride Around Tasmania booklet, for information on areas throughout the state open to motorised riding. The booklet is available at Service Tasmania outlets and some bike shops for approximately $10. The Trust has also produced an information sheet on where trail bikers can obtain more information. Registered trail bikes are permitted on Pinnacle Road and Jefferys Track.

Minimise impacts while 4WDing in the Park by:

  • Leaving your dog at home.
  • Cleaning all soil and seeds from under, on and within your vehicle before you arrive;
  • Leaving gates as you found them, or as signposted;
  • Avoiding disturbing stock on Park neighbours properties;
  • Staying on existing tracks;
  • Obeying track closures and other signage;
  • Respecting other Park users (slow to a walk or stop when approaching others);
  • Travelling in small groups;
  • Taking all rubbish out with you; and
  • Winching between vehicles if vehicle recovery is necessary – if you have to winch from a tree, use padding or webbing.

Vehicles must be cleaned before entering the Park to reduce the spread of Phytophthora cinnamomi or root rot. This fungus is carried in soil and attacks the roots of plants. Susceptible species generally die once infected.

Soil also carries introduced weed seeds. Please clean your vehicle thoroughly before visiting – don’t forget the undercarriage and mudguards. The Wellington Park Hygiene Protocol provides further guidelines.