Amending Plan for the Pinnacle Specific Area

In July 2014 the Trust has resolved to evaluate a draft Amending Plan that would extend the Pinnacle Specific Area in the Wellington Park Management Plan 2013.

The draft Amending Plan proposed a change to the boundary of the Pinnacle Specific Area on Maps 2, 2A and S4 of the Wellington Park Management Plan 2013. No other alterations of the existing Management Plan were proposed.


Representations on the draft Amending Plan were received up to Wednesday 3 September 2014. The Trust received 551 representations on the draft Amending Plan.

Draft Amending Plan Evaluation Process

As required in the Wellington Park Act 1993, the representations, along with the Trust’s report on the representations and its opinion on their merits, were forwarded to the Tasmanian Planning Commission for independent review. The Commission held public hearings into the matter in April 2015 and provided the Trust with a report on its review in June 2015.

The representations, the Trust’s report and the Commission’s review can be viewed on the Commission’s website.

Following receipt of the report from the Commission, the Trust reviewed the Commission’s findings in detail and considered each of the issues raised. Having regard to the views of the Commission and the representations on the draft Amending Plan, the Trust resolved to recommend the Governor-in-Council approve an unaltered Amending Plan. The Amending Plan was approved on 26 October 2015.

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