Design, Infrastructure and Signs

As a highly valued natural and cultural landscape, infrastructure in the Park must be well considered and appropriate. Signs must be clear and professional to help visitors enjoy this special place.

The Design and Infrastructure Manual seeks to formulate a consistent approach to the placement of infrastructure within the Park. Principles which govern the design philosophy and style are sympathetic to the values for which the Park is reserved.

The Manual also recognises that the Park is a workplace for management agencies.

In some cases, design details are noted in the Manual, however specifications are not always included. Further detailed design will occur as new items of infrastructure are required or as existing items need replacing. Materials in-situ may be used to create unique, long-term features as illustrated on the design sheet.

The Wellington Park Signage Manual forms a key part of the Manual with signs being the most visible and frequent elements of infrastructure in the Park. The Sign Strategy aims to achieve consistency across the various management zones within the Park while communicating effectively with visitors. Guidelines have been developed to reflect the involvement of stakeholder agencies, interest groups and individuals. Additionally, the manual aspires to develop signs that are economical to produce and easy to install.

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